Fleeing burglary suspect jumps into river

REDDING, Calif. - A burglary suspect fleeing from police jumped into the Sacramento River on Tuesday morning.

Around 7 a.m., officers responded to the 2400 block of North Bonnyview Road after reports a home had been broken into.

According to police, the suspect, later identified as William Allan Evers, 33, of Redding, entered the residence through an unlocked rear door, which boarders the Sacramento River.  The victims woke up to Evers in their bedroom.  One of the victims, Elizabeth Ames, 47, of Redding, armed herself with a handgun and demanded Evers leave.  He refused and demanded clothing, telling Ames he was in charge and would assault them.  Robert Molthrup, 48, of Redding, attempted to grab Evers but he pulled away and began to walk around the house.  The victims described Evers as acting strangely, as if he was under the influence of drugs. 

Investigators said the victims gave Evers clothing, hoping he would then leave the residence, however he continued to roam throughout the house.  At one point he entered a bathroom and removed several bottles of medication belonging to the third victim, Judith Ames, 76, of Redding.  During this time, Evers stated he would "slit the throats" of officers who responded to the residence.  According to the victims, when he heard the sound of sirens he fled out the back of residence.

Responding officers located Evers running from the residence to the Sacramento River.  He then jumped into the river and began to float downstream approximately 1/4 mile, staying close to the bank and holding on to branches for support. Officers called in a Sheriff's boat and the CHP helicopter to help apprehend Evers. He was brought to the South Bonnyview boat ramp where he was put in an ambulance and taken to the hospital for evaluation of possible hypothermia.

He was then taken to the Shasta County Jail where he was booked for first degree burglary and robbery.

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