Good News Rescue Mission Floods; Clothing Items Destroyed

REDDING. Calif. - The Good News Rescue Mission's administrative building and distribution center completely flooded after the weekend's storms.

The distribution center is used to store and handout clothing items.

Sharre Whitson, the Director of Community Relations, said the flooding "pretty much wiped out all of the children's clothing" along with other items such as blankets, coats, shoes, etc..
It's so severely damaged, they were forced to close the doors and stop services all week.

Whitson said they have also been flooded with people. Just this week they had record breaking numbers at the women's shelter.

"This is the biggest time of year for the Good News Rescue Mission and it's the worst time for us to go through this kind of problem and situation, so any support from the community would be helpful," Whitson said.

An anonymous donor has stepped up. He is going to match whatever funds the Good News Rescue Mission raises this month, up to $50,000. That money will be used to help them get back on their feet.

Whitson said in the meantime, they're hoping to reopen the distribution center early next week in a different building.

When they do reopen, she said they will be in need of a lot of items.

If you'd like to make a donation, whether it be clothing items or money, you can drop it off at the Good News Rescue Mission or visit:

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