Healthy food truck hits the Shasta County Fair

ANDERSON, Calif. - It's not just fried, fatty foods at the Shasta County fair this year. A healthy food truck called Hoffman Concessions is making its mark at the fairgrounds for the first time.

They serve everything from kebab to salads and fresh smoothies.

It was just started by two Redding brothers. One of them, Tyler Hoffman, said they came up with the idea about a year and a half ago.

They both worked as personal trainers and at various minimum wage jobs to save up.

A few months ago, the brothers bought an empty truck in Washington, then spent about 14 hours a day for the last three months fixing up the trailer and grill.

Hoffman said the truck and their food is great for the community.

"We're doing it at a good price with good quantities and every single thing is fresh and handmade. Nothing is deep fried. Nothing is frozen. Everything we buy, we buy fresh from local vendors or from farmers markets," Hoffman said.

He said they spent a lot of time working on the menu. Some of the items they offer are grilled salmon salads, fruit and meat kebobs and a variety of smoothies.

The Shasta County Fair is the truck's first big event. They brothers are hoping to expand to more venues soon.

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