Homeless help clean up community

Homeless help clean up community

REDDING, Calif. - A homeless advocate group is adopting a block in downtown Redding that they will clean up in an effort to give back to their community.

They will be focusing on Eureka Way to Shasta Street, and California Street to Oregon Street, because of its large homeless population.

Homeless Voices of Redding Founder, Vernon Price met with the city last week, and is working on recruiting more volunteers.

Price said he already has at least ten homeless people willing to pitch in and help.

Community group, Shasta Support Service has worked actively to clean up neighborhoods and clear out illegal homeless encampments.

According to member Dale Ball, his group helped haul 200 tons of trash away last year alone.

"There's the homeless that are needing the help, needing a hand up, and unfortunately there's the criminals just running around causing all the problems in our town," Ball said.

That is the stigma Price is trying to change.

"To number one, collaboratively learn to work together. Number two is to beautify our community, and number three is to do small meaningful contributions back into a community that we're receiving services from," Price said.

"I think it's great, I mean we need all hands on deck at this point, and I'm really proud of Vernon for stepping up and wanting to help out and show that all different walks of life can help out," Ball said.

Price thinks this will be a win-win scenario for the homeless and the community.

"Being able to allow homeless people to feel more positive about themselves by this contribution, it builds up empowerment from within, and from the community," Price said.

Ball said he thinks more people should get involved with cleaning up their community.

"Every time a different business or group adopts a block, or a neighborhood takes control of their own neighborhood, it's great," Ball said.

Price said they will begin work in June.

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