Jurors handed case against man accused of killing aunt

REDDING, Calif. - Jurors in the murder trial of Cody Nash now have the case and will soon decide the fate of the accused killer.

Nash was charged with slitting his aunt Candace Watson's throat, killing her, then severely attacking his uncle Bob Watson inside their west Redding home in the early morning hours of June 8, 2012.

Bob is now wheelchair-bound because of the knife attack, but he sat through both sides of closing arguments in a Shasta County courtroom Wednesday.

Faint sobs were heard from Candace's loved ones as the prosecution showed an image of Mrs. Watson dead on the floor of her own garage.

Shasta County Deputy District Attorney Curtis Woods firmly believes Cody Nash committed the "cold, calculated murder of his aunt."

Woods went on to point out this crime was "all thought out, the defendant coming up behind her, grabbing her hair and slitting her throat."

Nash's defense attorney, Michael Horan, spoke about a statement he previously made during opening arguments, saying he and his client "are not disputing what happened." But that "nothing about this case is black and white."

Horan also stated that this trial is "about Cody Nash's mind - chemically, emotionally and how it's affecting his decision making."

The very last piece of the case played for the jury was the 911 call Candace made after her throat had been slit. She never spoke on the tape - but everyone in the courtroom could hear her last breaths being taken.

Those closest to Candace, including her husband Bob, couldn't contain their emotions as that recording was played, and openly wept.

The jury will deliberate among three options Nash faces, which are first degree murder, second degree murder or involuntary manslaughter.

Jurors are set to reconvene tomorrow morning to work toward a verdict in this case.

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