Keep Christmas green, recycle responsibly

REDDING, Calif. - The day after Christmas means thousands of recycle bins across the Northstate are filled to the brim with discarded wrapping paper.

The City of Redding's recycling drivers are picking up the pace after the holiday, with each driver emptying about 1,000 recycling containers per day. That's more than two loads of recyclables dumped into their trucks, every minute.

Things that slow down their seemingly never-ending pickup route, people packing too much into their recycle cans. Overstuffing the bins can cause boxes to stick and fly out during the lift to the truck, ending up as trash on the street.

When it comes to what you can't put in the recycling can, the City of Redding's recycling center reminds people to not dump things like plastic foam, extra packaging from presents, plastic wrap or plastic ties into the recycling bin.

Any boxes in the bin containing those non-recyclables will have to be thrown out at the Redding sorting center, because workers aren't able to empty each and every box. Be sure to put all packaging into the trash and then place the cardboard box into the recycle.

Bunching up all the discarded Christmas wrapping paper and placing it into a large plastic bag may seem like a good idea, but it's actually doing more harm than help. That entire bag of recyclable paper would have to be thrown into the trash at the sorting center. The City of Redding's recycling center recommends placing all paper loosely into the bin, instead of bagging it all up.

Since the Christmas and New Year's holidays both land on weekdays, the City of Redding, along with other recycle and trash pickups, will run one day behind both this week and the next.

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