Kent's Meats Uses Surveillance Video in New Ad

Kent's Meats Uses Surveillance Video in New Ad

REDDING, Calif. - The surveillance video of a man trying to break into Kent's Meats and Groceries in Redding isn't going away anytime soon.

Kent and Kathy Pfrimmer had to fork over some money to repair the damage done by a would-be burglar in March, but they said they'll capitalize on the publicity as long as they can.

They came out with a new commercial and once again are popping up on major network programs.

"It just keeps moving along and that's fine with us," Kent said.

After going viral last month, even hitting network news programs and late-night TV shows, the hilarious video has once again resurfaced.

"Totally surprised us. Back on Good Morning America and then CNN called and wanted to talk to us," Kent said.

This time it's a commercial that's grabbing everyone's attention.

Kent's Meats and Groceries teamed up with Sugarpine Media in Redding to make an ad out of the video.

It highlights their famous pastrami sandwich.

Many have been asking where is this so-called bumbling burglar?

"People said that they have seen him walking or whatever, fooling around. We haven't seen him here," Kent told us.

We asked Kent and Kathy what they would do or say if the famed criminal ever made his way back to their store.

"I'd just give him a big pastrami sandwich," Kathy said.

Redding Police investigators told us they've recieved several tips, but haven't tracked down the suspect yet.

They said it's still an open case.

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