Local businessman offers alternative proposal for Library Park

Local businessman offers alternative...

REDDING, Calif. - Library Park in downtown Redding has been surrounded by fences as the city figures out what to do with the park and the transient problem it faces. 

Most recently the city has been discussing establish a food truck court in the area, a topic that is on the agenda for Tuesday's City Council meeting. 

On Monday a Redding businessman proposed something new. Local dermatologist, and owner of the Cascade Square, Dr. Craig Kraffert said a food truck court is a "caustic" proposal. 

Instead, he wants to turn the park into a rentable place for non-profit fundraising. 

"I propose that the City of Redding convert Library Park into a Day-Use Only Park such as Kids Kingdom and Old City Hall, with new highly visible signs that forbid drug use, loitering and camping. I offer to enter a two-year concession/lease agreement for this converted park that allows for production of non-profit fundraising activities that benefit the entire community." Dr. Kraffert penned in an open letter to the city council. 

Kraffert would be willing to rent the park space in hopes of bringing a street back, the one that used to run between the park and the railroad tracks. 

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