Major Traffic Delays on Highway 299 Not Stopping Anytime Soon

WEAVERVILLE/REDDING, Calif. - Caltrans is in the middle of major road improvements that are causing serious delays on Highway 299 between Redding and Weaverville; and you can expect these delays for years to come.

Think Los Angeles with trees.

The maximum wait time should be 43 minutes, if you hit it just wrong.

There are two separate projects going on simultaneously.

The first is at Twin Gulch, the second at the middle of Buckhorn Mountain.

Workers are shaving down hillsides and dumping the dirt into ravines.

Both projects together will cost almost 21 million dollars and more than 1.3 million yards of dirt will be moved.

The Buckhorn project should be finished in October: the Twin Gulch project in 2014.

A third road straightening project is in the works.

Once the two current projects are finished, a new project scheduled just west of Buckhorn will be put into action.

That project won't be finished until 2019.

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