Man beaten on his birthday, in apparent road rage attack

ANDERSON, Calif - It was supposed to be a day of celebration. Jim Hamby was on his way to spend his birthday with his grandson, when it all abruptly changed.

Hamby described how another driver flagged him down, then struck him in the head.  He needed six stitches above his right eye to close the gash.

"He smashed me right in the head and the blood just started going and I couldn't see anything," said Hamby.  "It felt like a brick hit me or something." 

Hamby said it happened Tuesday just after noon after he pulled his vehicle out of the Anderson Campers parking lot along State Route 273.

Another driver in a pickup truck quickly sped up behind him.

"All of a sudden there's a big white Ford F-150, he almost hit me, I thought because he came up behind me so fast. And he started motioning with his hands, and I thought something fell out of my truck so I pulled over, got out and walked to the end of my tailgate. He got out of his truck and he said something and I turned my head and when he did, he hit me," said Hamby.

That sucker punch broke open the skin above Hamby's eye, sending a gush of blood down his face and shirt.

Hamby says through all of that, he was able to get a look at the suspect vehicle.  He describes it as a white Ford F-150, with a glass camper shell on the bed. The driver was towing a black flatbed trailer.

"I didn't see his face really good because I was trying to hear what he said when I got hit.  I just put my head down and he kept pounding on me until I could get away from him," said Hamby.

Anderson Police say this brazen beating is an isolated incident, and unfortunate roadside attack.

Hamby believes road rage is behind this vicious beating.

"I hope he gets anger management, but I hope he gets caught, I mean it's unbelievable," said Hamby.

If you have any information about the suspect, call the Anderson Police Department at 378-6600.

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