Marcella Wagner Featured In This Month's "Glamour" Magazine

Marcella Wagner Featured In This Month's "Glamour" Magazine

REDDING, Calif. - The story of Marcella Wagner, the Shasta County mother who was forced into labor when she was paralyzed in a car crash last year, is gaining national attention again.
Her journey is featured in this month's issue of Glamour magazine. The article is titled, "A Car Accident Took My Body From Me. But Not My Baby."

Wagner said she hopes the article "makes people appreciate life and realize that you just have to live whatever situation to the fullest and be happy."

Wagner was 32 years old and seven months pregnant when her life was dramatically changed.

She was on her way to class at Chico State University where she had just started nursing school. All of a sudden, a car cut her off and then took off on Interstate 5 near the Jellys Ferry exit.

Wagner was rushed to the hospital and was forced to undergo an emergency C-section. It was there she delivered her first child into the world, a healthy baby boy named Logan Otis Campbell.

She said the memory is a "struggle of it being the best day and the worst day."

More than a year later, Wagner is now learning to live her new life, while sharing her story.

She was contacted by Libby Copeland, a reporter at Glamour magazine last fall.

"It was humbling and it was inspiring and it was a little bit embarrassing," Wagner said.

Copeland stayed with the her for two days, learning all about Wagner's journey and progress, including her continuous physical therapy sessions at the Rose Center in Redding.       

Wagner said those sessions are helping her "function more. Not so much getting any ability back but just learning how to utilize what I have."

In the article, Copeland writes about the love and bond Wagner has with Logan, who is now 15 months old.

"He's doing wonderful. He's a busy little boy," Wagner told us.

Right now, Wagner and her husband are living apart while their home is being remodeled to become wheelchair accessible.

She told us they are counting down the days until they can settle back into their house.

"It'll just be a blessing to be home and together and as a unit," Wagner said. "Then I can feel like my life can really begin again."

Wagner said that then she will decide where her life will go next.

"I can then, you know, asses the situation and decide am I going to go back to school, you know, what am I going to do?" Wagner said.

In the meantime, she told us she is thankful for the life she has and feels overwhelmed by the amount of people her story has touched.

"If it makes people stop and think a little bit and, you know, maybe one day there will be a cure out there," Wagner said.

If you would like to check out the article, the copy of Glamour magazine with Wagner in it is on shelves now.

You can also donate to Wagner at any North Valley Bank under "The Marcella Wagner New Beginnings Foundation."

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