Marijuana patient: I don't have a life without it

REDDING, Calif. - "I can't get in my chair unless I take it, you know, that's how bad the pain is," explains Willie Levy.

Muscular dystrophy began eating away at Levy's ability to walk around age seven. As an adult, he decided to take control, and fight back against the pain by taking medical marijuana in pill form.

"I started, you know, taking marijuana, and that helps. It actually enabled me to lower the dose on my morphine," says Levy.

He says his physical pain is unbearable. His medical marijuana pills are what free him from that hurt.

"It's the only thing that helps. They can go ‘oh it doesn't work' or ‘you know it's just people getting high,' but that's not the case. If I wanted to get high, I'd get high. But it's so I can not be in pain," says Levy who has a medical marijuana prescription.

Levy used to buy his pills from a Redding dispensary, which has since been forced to shut its doors.

"If you legalize it, it would help people, stop violence," says Levy.

Shasta County's Board of Supervisors will consider a more restrictive medical marijuana ordinance, the draft proposal will go before the planning commission on Thursday at 2 p.m.

The new ordinance is centered on reducing violence, reversing local environmental impacts and eliminating the stench from outdoor grows.

Levy believes that's a step in the wrong direction.

"I don't know what their reason is … I don't know it just seems silly," says Levy.

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