Marines and Woman Accused of Attacking Pregnant Woman Back in Court

REDDING, Calif. - The woman attacked near the Sundial Bride while she was eight months pregnant faced her attackers for the first time since the assault Friday morning in court.

Redding police say that the baby's father, also a Marine, Lance Swann, his cousin Erica Swann and fellow Marine, Jeffrey Walton kicked, punched and choked 18-year-old Nicole Vultaggio on the Sacramento River Trail in June. Vulttagio was eight months pregnant at the time with Lance Swann's baby.

Investigators say Swann plotted the attack against the baby because he didn't want to take responsibility for him.

Vultaggio sat in a Shasta County courtroom with her dad and a friend, who came with her for support.

Janine Swann, Erica's mom, who also raised Lance, was there again and has been in court every time since their arrest. Lance and Erica's grandparents were also there.

Lance Swann looked as if he was trying to hold back tears; taking deep breaths and closing his eyes.

The judge granted the attorney's request to push everything back a few weeks so they can have a chance to look over new discoveries.

Outside of the courtroom, Janine Swann and the grandparents introduced themselves and hugged Vultaggio.

All parties said they were too emotional to talk on camera, but Janine told us this is truly a nightmare for everyone.

All three suspects are being charged with attempted murder, conspiracy and robbery. They are scheduled to be back in court September 6th.

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