More than 1,000 kindergarteners learn about college

REDDING, Calif. - Nearly 1,200 kindergarteners flooded the Simpson University campus in Redding today.

The purpose was to let kids know it's never too early to start thinking about college.

Friday was the Eighth Annual Shasta College Kinder College Day.

Kindergarteners from 55 different classrooms from all over Shasta County participated.

There were 48 presenters from around the community telling the youngsters about their professions.

The children spent a few minutes at various stations learning about different professions and employers like the California Highway Patrol, U.S. Forest Service Smoke Jumpers, Chapman Equine Large Animal Vet, Shasta Regional Medical Center, Coldwell Banker, and KRCR News Channel 7.

Organizer, Amanda Harter, with College Options said, "We want to make the idea of going to college and continuing your education normal for kids. For a lot of kids the idea of going to college is kind of this big, scary, idea that they're not familiar with so hope by starting early that it's not scary. It's something that they just expect to do once they graduate from high school."

Students spent about two hours hearing about different jobs and participating in presentations.

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