Shasta County Murder suspect hires private attorney

Shasta County Murder suspect hires...

REDDING, Calif. - Philip Jacobs, who is accused of murdering his ex-wife Bridget Jacobs, appeared in court for the second time on Monday.  

His arraignment was scheduled for Monday afternoon, however, he or his family has retained an attorney and will be back in court on Tuesday afternoon.

Timothy Prentiss II is representing Philip. Prentiss declined to comment on the case at this time but mentioned he is expecting to talk to media later this week.    

Court documents give more detail on the early portion of law enforcement's investigation.

According to court documents, Philip explained to detectives that he was downstairs and Bridget was upstairs. Then and then she fell down the stairs and possibly broke her neck and he tried to render first aid but she stopped breathing.  

However, later on, Philip changed his story saying they were both upstairs and arguing. Then Bridget charged at him. Philip said he ducked and Bridget fell down the stairs breaking her neck. This time he told detectives he did not render first-aid or call for medical assistance. 

After arresting Philip detectives said they search a dumpster and they found a five-gallon bucket with a trash can inside of it and in the trash can it appeared there was blood.

According to court documents, Philip and Bridget had a history of domestic violence incidents. The police report outlines that Redding Police Department responded to reports neighbors hearing the two argue. 

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