Murder suspect's former patient talks about treatment

Murder suspect's former patient talks...

ANDERSON, Calif. - A former patient of Philip Jacobs, who is accused of murdering his ex-wife Bridget Jacobs, said he seemed like a nice guy. 

Michelle Higgins was a patient at the Anderson Walk-In Clinic for over two years, where Jacobs was a nurse practitioner.

"Nothing but good. I always had positive vibes from him," she said. 

Higgins never felt threatened by Philip. She even recalls him giving her advice about an abusive relationship she was in.

"He basically told me to get out of it and it ain't going to revolve around a pill," Higgins explained. 

The only time she remembers Philip being somewhat aggravated was when patients came in late to the clinic. 

"He did not like nobody coming in after three, unless, it was an emergency because he got a little hectic during the late hours," she said. 

Higgins was shocked to learn that Philip was arrested for murder.

"It's a nightmare. I trusted my life with him and I did not see no out of the ordinary attitude," she said. "I still can't believe it." 

However, not everyone had a good experience under Philip's care. 

There are many negative comments on social media about Philip as a nurse practitioner. 

One family, who wants to remain anonymous, gave a statement to KRCR News Channel 7. 

They explained that their 7-year-old Autistic son is now frightened is doctors after their visit with Philip. 

"Our son is 7 years old and Autistic. We visited the Anderson clinic approximately 4 months ago to seek treatment for an obviously infected (staph) spider bite on our little guys upper thigh (sensitive area 2-3 inches from his privates). We were assigned to Philip. His lack of empathy and bedside manner was appalling. He was cold and emotionless except for the disdain and irritation he showed after terrorizing our son into a complete melt down/panic attack (not normal behavior for our child)," the statement read.  

The family said their son needed a procedure done and  Philip declined their request to use a localized anesthetic to reduce discomfort. 

"Both my husband, I and another male staff nurse had to restrain our son as he shrieked in terror/panic. (He could be heard outside of the clinic he was so scared)," the statement read. 

After proceeding with the procedure their son panicked.

"Philip was furious he demanded we hold him. He told us we are doing this or he had 'other patients to attend to'. It was only after I said I cannot do this to him we are done that he stated he didn't want to traumatize our son. [But it was] too late the damage was done.  I told him to leave and attend to other patients as I was sickened/furious and afraid I'd lash out," the statement read.

They said Philip left the room.

"He didn't care. He left stating he didn't have time for this," it said in the statement. 

The family said before this incident their son had no problem with needles but now he gets scared every time. The family added sometimes their son will ask if he has to go to the mean doctor.

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