Nephew on trial for murdering aunt, testifies

Nephew on trial for murdering aunt, testifies

REDDING, Calif. - Cody Nash, the man accused of murdering his aunt Candace Watson and slashing his uncle Bob Watson so severely he's now wheel-chair bound – took the stand in his own defense Tuesday.

Nash seemed clam when answering questions from both his defense attorney, Michael Horan and the prosecution, Shasta County Deputy District Attorney Curtis Woods.

He did show what seemed to be a nervous tick, moving his jaw constantly while under oath.

The bloody attacks happened on June 8, 2012, in the early morning hours. Prosecutors say Nash slit his 66-year-old aunt's throat and then went after his uncle, a former school superintendent.

Much of the defense's case rests on Nash's mental health at the time of the attacks.

Nash testified that he had "overwhelming thoughts of killing myself" prior to the attacks.

During cross examination, the prosecution questioned Nash about him drinking cough syrup and Jack Daniels before and after the attacks - so Nash could come up with the courage to slash his own wrists. The deputy district attorney pointed out Nash never attempted to commit suicide.

Nash testified he never sought any mental treatment for his suicidal thoughts or depression because of his "ego". Nash stated he thought it was "weak to see someone and be in care."

Nash also described having a handful of mental still pictures ingrained in his memory, during the knife attacks. Nash testified to recalling a snapshot of him "grabbing Candace's hair" then "cutting her throat" and finally remembering an image of his aunt "face down in the garage."

The defense also put people close to Cody Nash on the stand today, to testify to the shift in his mental state. His step-mother, half-sister and childhood friend all spoke about physical and verbal abuse Nash endured as a child, at the hands of his father.

The defense plans to call professional expert witnesses tomorrow, starting at 9:00 a.m.

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