New details in father-son fight that led to stabbing, hand amputation

Scanner traffic from father-son stabbing

REDDING, Calif. - A father-son stabbing ended when the son cut off his own hands, according to Shasta County Deputies.

It happened around 3:30 Monday afternoon on the 21,000 block of Scheer Drive.

Deputies said 27-year-old Jason Dunn stabbed his father multiple times after some kind of verbal argument.

When deputies showed up, Jason was standing in the driveway with both hands cut off off at his wrists.

They said the victim, 59-year-old Gregory Dunn, was found lying in his driveway with multiple stab wounds.

Scanner traffic plays a dispatcher saying it appeared "the father is the victim. He is down on the ground in the backyard. Unknown where the son is." As deputies were realizing the extent of the incident, it goes on to say, "two ambulances. Copy two medical code three. officer: Shascom, get us more units. dispatcher: Copy. requesting additional units."

After conducting interviews, investigators believe Jason cut off his own hands using a radial saw inside a shop.

At last check, both men were suffering serious, life-threatening injuries.

We made some calls to Mercy Medical Center to get an update but they told us they don't have any information for us.

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