No ban on e-cigarettes in Shasta County, yet

REDDING, Calif. - On Friday Los Angeles became another of many major cities to ban electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, in public places, and while that is a growing trend, we're still pretty far away from seeing a similar law in Shasta County.

In Los Angeles smoking e-cigarettes is now banned in all public places where cigarettes have already been prohibited, including bars, restaurants and beaches.

The devices deliver users nicotine by vaporization, rather than in a traditional smoke form.

They are often touted as a way to help a person quit smoking and an alternative to carcinogen heavy tobacco cigarettes.

Jessica Duckett with Shasta County Public Health and Human Services Community Education Specialist says there is still much to be learned about the mostly unregulated industry.

"It's pretty early on, I know there's some concern out there," Ducket said. "We've certainly had a lot of questions come through our office to try to get some presentations done."

Because the fledgling industry is becoming so popular with little studies and information out on their health impact, the county health department is gathering all they can to get the public informed.

"And that's what we're doing right now, is trying to educate organizations and get the word out that there are health concerns related to e-cigarettes."

As more about the affects of e-cigarettes gets in people's hands, Duckett says it could grow a movement to ban them in public places too.

More information on e-cigarettes can be found on the Shasta County Public Health Department's website. There's also information on traditional cigarettes to keep the public informed.

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