No jail time for man who blew off hand, home then incinerated

Attorney: 'Mr. East is done with his amateur chemistry days'

REDDING, Calif. - The man who blew off most of his hand, forced bomb squad technicians to send in a robot, sparked a neighborhood evacuation, all ending with his home being incinerated – pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge in a Shasta County courtroom Friday morning.

D Ray East's attorney, Jeffrey Stotter, formally entered the plea deal without his client by his side. Something Stotter said is normal for the person being charged with a misdemeanor to not be in attendance.

"Mr. East is done with his amateur chemistry days" - Attorney

"This is something we discussed with the Sheriff's Department, with the District attorney's office. It's no surprise; it's what Mr. East wanted to do, is resolve the matter, be done with it," explained Stotter.

East will not do any jail time, but he will be booked and released. He will go through the process of getting fingerprinted and have a mugshot taken – all entered into the criminal system database.

Prior to last month's explosion at East's home on Chaparral Dr. in west Redding, he had no criminal history.

With the plea deal reached between East's attorney and the DA, Stotter wanted to clarify his client "does not acknowledge any guilt in this case. He possessed materials, but no explosives or no explosive devices ."

Under the plea deal, East will be on probation for the next three years. East is prohibited from having any explosive or destructive devices or substances. He himself, his residence and property can all be searched at any time for violations.

"This brings a swift resolution to this case, and he can get on to trying to put his life back together," Stotter said.

East is continuing to recover from the injuries he sustained during the blast. His left hand, above the wrist, had to be amputated after being rushed to the hospital. He also lost vision in one of his eyes.

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