Officials: fire hydrants used to sample water

Officials: fire hydrants used to sample water

REDDING, Calif. - Sights of wasted water still happen after the City of Redding adopted new water-wasting regulations.

Video from Monday morning, shows a tremendous amount of water pouring out from a fire hydrant near Airport road off Engineer lane.

Redding city officials said this release of water is done weekly to measure levels of minerals in the city's water supply.

A video taken shows water coming out of a fire hydrant operated by a city worker.

The video also showed a sample taken that will be tested for levels of manganese and arsenic, two elements naturally found in water.

Redding Water Utility Manager John Wendele said sampling the water is routine.

By sampling the water, officials are able to prevent contamination from happening.

"It's an 8-inch line and we run it for a few minutes in order to get a representative sample and it looks like a lot of water but it is only running for a few minutes and then it is turned off," Wendele said.

To keep the amount of water use low, Wendele said the city will install sampling stations in the next couple weeks.

The stations will automatically take the sample and will prevent the water from going into the streets.

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