Olde West Gun and Loan Charged with Receiving Stolen Property

Olde West Gun and Loan Faces Criminal Complaints

REDDING, Calif. - Olde West Gun and Loan in Redding is being charged with receiving stolen goods.

The investigation into the pawn shop began when a Redding couple was arrested for stealing electronics from Target and Walmart and selling them for cash.

After being located by Redding police using surveillance video, Charles Hall, 26, and Sheri Hall, 23, admitted to robbing a Target store on Dana Dr. on Jan. 10.

According to Redding police, Charles Hall entered the store with a six-year-old child, stole an electronic device and left the store.

When store security attempted to stop Hall, he punched the security person in the face and continued to flee, jumping into a car driven by Sheri Hall.

As the Redding Police Dept. investigated, it found that the Halls were suspects in several other thefts at Target and Walmart.

The police also found 18 prior pawn shop transactions by both suspects, including the pawning of brand new flat screen televisions, Blu-ray players and other electronic devices to Olde West Gun and Loan.

In late January, investigators served a search warrant at Olde West Gun and Loan, where they located several of the stolen televisions and other electronics.

The investigators determined that the Halls had been paid $1,180 for the brand new merchandise, which had a retail value of $4,193.

On Feb. 5, the case was submitted to the Shasta County District Attorney's Office, requesting that criminal charges be filed against the employees who processed the 18 transactions of brand new electronic devices.

On Wed., a criminal complaint was filed against Olde West Gun and Loan and three of its employees – Dale Constance Kosko, Sherri Ann Mansfield and Vivian Sheryl Morris. Included in the criminal complaint against the three are charges of receiving stolen property and failing to require evidence of authority to sell.

Olde West Gun and Loan is facing two charges – failing to require evidence of authority to sell and the resale of an item acquired in violation of the first charge.

Olde West Gun and Loan's lawyer, John Kucera said that Olde West did tell Redding police about the items they had received and that Redding police sat on the information they provided.

Kucera also said that Olde West used an 'automated property reporting system' and was among the first pawn shops in the U.S. to do so.

Both Redding Police and Kucera said Olde West employees filled out the proper paperwork and asked the Halls to sign a triplicate form swearing that they were the owners of the goods they were pawning. Redding police said the issue lies in the fact that the pawn shop continued to accept items from the Halls.

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