Paying it forward this holiday season

Paying it forward this holiday season

REDDING, Calif. - The Redding BloodSource center is hoping the community will be in a giving spirit and donate this holiday season.

"Blood donors give the ultimate gift by donating blood because it literally does save lives. Our message this holiday season is to pay it forward with a blood donation," explains Dannielle Smith, account manager for the Redding Bloodsource center.

BloodSource's Park Marina Drive location is paying it forward, by supporting Redding's One Safe Place, a refuge for abuse victims.

"We're asking our donors, staff and volunteers to bring in hygiene products, diapers and backpacks and Bloodsource will match donations," says Smith.

"This is really a bridge for a lot of people from hopelessness to hope," says Ken White, development director for One Safe Place.

"During the holidays, having partners like Bloodsource and others in the community, do drives for us where they raise support is just so helpful," says White.

He explains that those seeking help after breaking free from an abusive relationship are basically starting over, and in desperate need of many essentials.

"They've come out of abusive relationships and they just have nothing, and they come to us and we try and help them with food and clothing and shelter if they need that and just try and help them with some of the essentials so when people donate, it just is a really huge help," explains White .

The products Bloodsource is asking the community to donate; hygiene products, diapers and backpacks are an essential part of helping a victim of abuse start over.

"It just can really make a difference in a person's life, in helping them go on to succeed and live happy, fulfilling and safe lives." says White.

Check the Bloodsource website for more information on donating blood or products.

To look at a list of other products One Safe Place is in need of, check their website.

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