Pedestrian Hit By Car in Redding Speaks Out

Pedestrian Hit By Car in Redding Speaks Out

REDDING, Calif. - One of the victims who hit by a car on a busy Redding street Friday night is speaking out for the first time.

It happened in the area of Cypress and Rosemary Avenues around 6 p.m. Friday.

 71-year-old Virginia Burton said she remembers everything.

"This car is coming. I see the headlights. She's in the middle lane and I said there's no way she's not even slowing down. I said she's going to hit us," Burton said.

Burton said she and her husband, 74-year-old David Burton, were going to dinner at Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant. The parking lot was full so they parked across the street.

They started to cross back to the restaurant when they were hit by 74-year-old Beverly Johnson, who was driving west on Cypress Avenue.

"You could hear the impact when it hits you. I was out for a little bit then I woke up down in the street," Burton said.

Virginia Burton said she tried to jump out of the way and David got the brunt of the crash.

"He had to have stitches right away. He didn't wake up until he got to the hospital and he's got seven broken bones. His collar and scapula is all broken into the shoulder," she said.

She's suffering from leg and shoulder pain and David still has to undergo surgery.

"It's miserable to hear your husband cry," she said.

Virginia is scheduled to be released from the hospital on Wednesday. She will then go to a rehabilitation center.

The crash is still under investigation. 

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