Philippines slammed by typhoon, family's faith unshaken

REDDING, Calif. - Super typhoon Haiyan slammed the Philippines Friday, worrying two local women with family living in the path of the massive storm.

"Until yesterday when I watched the news, they were saying it was bigger than Katrina, then I really got scared," explains Susan Fran.

Her mother, brothers and other family members still live in her former hometown, which was hit hard by the monstrous 300 mile wide storm.

"My Mom was also very scared, and at the same time they were all prepared," says Fran.

Fran hasn't had contact with any of her family in the Philippines since several hours before the storm hit.

The same area was also rocked by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake just last month.

Fran's friend Malou Templado also has family and friends living in the same area that was hit with winds gusting up to 235 mph.

"In spite of all the things going on, the devastation, the typhoon, the earthquake, the Filipinos have a strong faith. No matter what happens to them, we still trust the Lord, that the Lord will be with us at all times," says Templado.

Both Fran and Templado say they've tried reaching family and friends, but with power, phone lines, and the internet still down, they realize it may take longer to hear how everyone from home is doing.

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