Prosecutors detail grisly evidence in familial murder case

REDDING, Calif. - Photographic evidence was displayed in a Shasta County courtroom during the trial against Cody Nash, the man accused of killing his aunt and severely wounding his uncle.

Prosecutors along with Redding police investigators believe that Nash murdered his aunt, Candace Watson, in June 2012. Nash is also accused of trying to kill his uncle, Bob Watson, following the initial attack on Candace.

Technical pieces that link Nash to the slaying were shown to the jury throughout the day on Wednesday.

The prosecution brought to the stand a Redding police department crime scene technician, a Department of Justice fingerprint analyst and a Shasta County coroner's office forensic pathologist. Each is a specialist in their field, and they have logged countless hours working on different crime components.

The crime scene technician pointed out to the jury multiple bottles of cough syrup found both inside and outside of the Watson's home the morning of the attacks. A bottle of Jack Daniels was also found outside, next to the cough syrup bottles.

The prosecution says Nash drank a bottle of cough syrup and alcohol, both prior to and following, the knife attacks on his aunt and uncle.

High doses of cough syrup mixed with alcohol can be potentially fatal.

The forensic pathologist testified she "vividly remembered" the "lengthy cuts" along Candace's throat, which ultimately killed her. She stated evidence showed Candace bled to death from her wounds. The forensic pathologist also described the slash along Candace's neck as both "severe" and "ghastly".

She also pointed out the Nine-and-a-half inch long wound on Candace's neck nearly went from ear lobe to ear lobe.

The trauma surgeon who worked to save Bob Watson's life the morning he was cut, allegedly at the hands of Nash, testified that without medical intervention Bob would have died.

Bob had nearly identical, deep slash wounds along his neck, throat, arms and hands as the injuries that claimed his wife's life.

The trauma surgeon also stated Bob had no blood flow in his body when he arrived at the hospital the morning of the knife attack. He explained that was due to the high amount of blood that Bob had lost just after being cut.

The doctor testified he remembered this specific case and Bob's injuries, nearly two years after performing life-saving surgery, because he said "there are not many cases in the Redding area showing such extensive injuries."

The murder trial against Cody Nash will continue Thursday morning at 9:00 a.m.

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