Rare racecar goes missing in Redding

REDDING, Calif. - A local race-car driver is without his rare car. Richard Tillman's blue and orange 240 SX was stolen sometime between Sunday and Monday. It was on a trailer Tillman built himself, with the license plate 4MA5824. The trailer is missing a left fender, right tail light lens and both side marker light covers.

Tillman bought the rare car two years ago from another local race-car driver. He had the race car and trailer parked at a friend's shop on Sylvia Drive, off Airport Road. The shop is where other local racers also work on their cars.

The car and trailer especially hold sentimental value to Tillman. "It's more sentimental value to me than monetary value. I mean, it's my car. It's what I won races in. The trailer? I can't get the car to the trailer, I can't get any car to the trailer so that means even more to me," said Tillman.

He called the car "beat-up but fast".

He has filed a report with California Highway Patrol. Tillman said his friend's gray, blue 1974 Chevrolet Silverado went missing from the same area around the same time.

If anyone has information or has seen the car or trailer, Tillman asks you call CHP at 530 225-2715.

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