Redding Airport expansion nearing completion

REDDING, Calif. - Construction on the Redding Airport started in February 2011. The $9 million dollar project adds 10,000 square feet to the facility. The passenger holding area will now seat up to 200 people. Restrooms have been added inside the security checkpoint.

"It adds a little over 10,000 square feet to the facility, it improves passenger flow, where we moved all the airline positions to the north and the baggage claim to the south. We also enhanced the experience to the traveling public for the hold room," said Airport Manager Rod Dinger.

Passenger flow through the airport will be improving. Airline check-in has been moved to the north end of the building. Three rental car stations have moved to the south end of the building near baggage claim. 

There's still work to be done on an updated vending and electronic charging area, as well as some finishing touches. Completion is expected in late August. The project is being funded by the Federal Aviation Administration and money from Redding Redevelopment. Construction is running a little behind schedule, it was slated to be complete in February 2014.

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