Redding Library brings high-tech equipment to teens

REDDING, Calif. - Teens can now get their hands on some high-tech equipment at the Redding Library. Through a California State Library Association grant, the library was able to purchase $12,000 worth of software and equipment for teens. There is animation, 3D printing/video and photo editing software for teens to experiment and create on. The library also has a 3D printer, video cameras and a green screen. They're called Creation Stations.

The Teen Advisory Board at the Redding Library applied for a grant of $6,000 to get one creation station, but the California State Library Association loved the idea so much, they doubled the grant to help the library get two stations.

"This type of experience-hands on experience-3D printing or the animation or the editing and making videos, all of that, are important skills for as they go to college and for doing job related skills," said teen librarian Katie Leach.

The library came up with the idea because they already have technology for adults and children, but not teens. The Creation Stations are aimed to appeal to the teenage crowd. Teenagers can stop by the library to use the equipment on Tuesday afternoons, or make an appointment during regular library hours.

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