Redding Police: attempted robbery lands a man in the hospital with a broken arm

REDDING, Calif. - On Saturday at 9:45 a.m. Redding Police said they responded to 1487 Oakdale Lane regarding a robbery. Officers said they found the suspect 34 year-old David Wayne Smith with a broken arm.

Officers said they also found the victim, Michael Thomas Bingham who lived at the home.

Police said Smith entered a vacant travel trailer on the property. 

Bingham believed a prowler was possibly inside the trailer and approached Smith with a baseball bat for protection.  Bingham confronted Smith and determined that he was in possession of his shoes. 

Police said when Bingham asked for his shoes, Smith refused and stated he was going to stab him with a knife. As Smith reached into his backpack to retrieve a knife, Bingham hit him with the baseball bat multiple times. Bingham was able to get his shoes back and Smith left the home. 

Police said they found him near the scene. 

He was transported and admitted to Mercy Hospital for his injuries. 

A complaint will be forwarded to the Shasta County District Attorney's regarding the charges of receiving stolen property and terrorist threats for Smith.             


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