Redding police identify Sharon Ave. standoff suspect

REDDING, Calif. - After two hours in a standoff, Redding police left a residence where a domestic violence suspect was reportedly hiding.

Police responded at 10:57 a.m. to the 2600-block of Sharon Ave. in Redding after receiving information that a suspect in two separate domestic violence cases was inside of a home.

The suspect, Tyler Wieting, 29, of Redding, was either not home or refused to leave the house after police attempted to communicate with him via loudspeaker.

At the time, there was no arrest warrant for Wieting and the victim of domestic violence was not at the residence so police decided to leave the scene after two hours.

According to the Redding Police Department, Wieting could have also been involved in a vehicle theft. They told reporters at the scene that the suspect came from Oregon, where he had burglarized several homes and stolen some rifles.

The police department is requesting that anyone with information on Wieting's whereabouts contact them.

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