Redding police K-9 recovers from surgery

Redding police K-9 recovers from surgery

REDDING, Calif. - There was a close call for a Redding Police K-9 after he was rushed to the hospital Saturday from internal bloating that could have killed him.

Officer Jason Rhoads of Redding police said his partner Carr, suffered from bloat which is gas that builds up in a dog's stomach making it difficult to breathe and can damage internal organs.
Rhoads and Carr were on the graveyard shift Friday when Rhoads noticed  Carr was acting a little slow and lethargic.
Once they got home Saturday, Rhoads noticed that Carr's abdomen had doubled in size, Rhoads rushed him to the vet's office and got him into surgery.

"It's scary," said Rhoads.  "I've worked with him for the past six years on patrol.  I've had him for almost seven years. It's everyday I'm always with him and he's always with me.  You're almost with him more than your family because he's going to work with you and he's your partner out on the street."

Carr has internal stitches inside of his abdomen and staples on the outside of his abdomen.

Rhoads tries to keep Carr from running around so he can heal properly.

Rhoads said it's hard every day not taking his partner to work with him but he also said that Carr will be back to work by the beginning of the year.

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