Redding woman brings yoga to the water

REDDING, Calif. - A Redding yoga instructor takes the popular workout onto the water. On Water Yoga offers classes year-round on stand up paddle-boards. Almost every yoga pose done on land can be done on the water. 

"There's a little bit of modifications to the poses, we do nearly all of the difficult poses that we do on land, with maybe some modifications," said On Water Yoga instructor Audrey DeLong. 

Paddleboard yoga can require extra balance. Instructors are working on being able to do more difficult poses like handstands. Most easy poses are a little more difficult on the water. 

"You might be strong-arming one side or the other and you're really aware of that on the board, you'll dump yourself in. There's constant core work and constant balance on the board," said DeLong.

Most people who try the class, even though it is challenging, want to sign up for more classes after they complete one.

"It's fun for me to challenge people. Yoga is a mind-body practice as well and we get a lot of that," said DeLong.

Classes are held at Whiskeytown Lake. You can sign up at

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