Redding Woman: Mother to 12, 34 Grandchildren, 69 Great-Grandchildren & 7 Great-Great Grandchildren

REDDING, Calif. - Mother's Day is a special day for all moms, but imagine being a mother to 12, a grandma to more than 30, a great-grandma to almost 70, and a great-great-grandma to seven.

85-year-old Lucy Warren of Redding lives that reality and called her self "the richest mother in the world."

Warren married the father of her children, Robert Loyd, in 1947. They settled in Redding and started having children.      

"I thought I'd have two but it didn't work out that way," Warren said. "Instead, they had 12 children – six boys and six girls."

"The oldest is [now] 65 and my youngest will be 49 in May," she said.

After 20 years of marriage, Robert passed away. Warren became a hard-working single mom to her 12 kids.

A few years later she met the man who would become her second husband.

"When he came over to take me out to dinner [...] I thought, well I'll never see him again, especially with wall to wall kids, you know?" Warren said.

He did come back and the two were married for 29 years.

Now, widowed again, Warren spends her time playing bunco, and of course with her kids and all her grandchildren.

"34 grandchildren, 69 great and 7 great-great. The 8th one's on the way in September," Warren said.
For Mother's Day, she said she mostly gets a stack of cards, but loves the visits from family members who still live nearby.

"We always have fun. I have comedians in my family. When they get together, it's hilarious. I have fun with them. I quit babysitting though," Warren said, laughing.

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