Repairs underway on Redding eagle cam to catch hatching

Repairs underway on Redding eagle cam...

REDDING, Calif. - Spirit and Liberty's homecoming appears to be going well, according to members of the Friends of the Redding Eagles.

Member Mark Neal said both birds are showing signs of incubating an egg. One of them seems to always be in the nest while the other flies around and hunts for food.

Neal said since Spirit and Liberty moved back to their old nest earlier this year he's been working with the non-profit organization to fix the damage to the eagle cam caused by the high river levels and flooding.

"Although it was outdoor rated it wasn't water proof, it was just water resistant. A lot of the contacts were rusty and we have power off ethernet connectors that needed to be replaced," said Neal.

Neal said he does not know how many eggs are in the nest and may never know if the camera is not repaired. He hoped to have video of the eagle nest again by the end of the month with the eaglet hatching sometime in mid-April.

The camera was first purchased and installed by the organization in 2015 after generous donations from the community and fellow members. A GoFundMe page has been set up again to help cover the total costs of repairs.

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