'Rocks and Ropes' to open at Caldwell Park on Friday

REDDING, Calif. - Rain did not delay playground construction going on at Caldwell Park in Redding where the Foundation of Youth Investment's "Rocks and Ropes" project will open on Friday.

The new addition to Caldwell park is intended to attract older kids ranging from five to 12 years old using not only rocks and ropes, but also a water feature where children can build dams and sand structures.

Jamie Kerr, Design and Production Manager for UPC Parks Company, said this is something the city has been wanting for a long time. UPC Parks Company, along with Universal Precast have been involved in the project.

"The city wanted a natural themed playground that would give the older kids something to do," said Kerr. "And 'Rocks and Ropes' provides nature-inspired linked play by using rocks and ropes to get the kids a course to play on."

City officials have said that the hope is that by putting in features like "Rocks and Ropes," children will be willing to remain more active.

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