RPD Holds "Wet Lab" DUI Demonstration

RPD Hold Demonstration Reminding Drivers to Not Drink & Drive

REDDING, Calif. - Redding Police Officers held a "wet lab" Wednesday afternoon to remind everyone about the dangers of impaired driving, especially during the holidays.

During the "wet lab," officers gave members of the media three alcoholic drinks each hour. At the end of every hour, officers tested for blood alcohol content, but didn't reveal the results to the drinker until the end.

Officers wanted to show that you could be considered an unsafe driver at any level, regardless of if you hit a blood alcohol content of .08, the legal limit.

The Redding Police Department's DUI Specialist, Officer Jacob Provencio, said  "the great majority of the drivers that we come in contact with and have been consuming alcohol or drugs are what we would label, impaired. It's just enough in their system to make their reaction slow."

KRCR News Channel Seven teamed up with Chellie Lynn, a DJ with local radio station K-Shasta (KSHA-FM).

After Chellie's first round of three, four-ounce drinks, she blew a .043, which is about half the legal limit.

"I feel comfortable. I don't feel intoxicated. I feel safe to drive. I feel like if I got behind a wheel, I'd be completely okay. I'm not impaired in any way," Chellie said.

After the second set of drinks, she was officially over the legal limit at .084.

"I've had six four ounce drinks. [I feel] great, but as far as my driving, there's a possibility that I might do it but I would also tell you I would question my own judgment at this point," Chellie said.

After the second round, participants were served food. Officers said a big misconception is that eating more will slow down alcohol's impact.

The last order of business was a field sobriety test, which Chellie failed.

"It's pretty horrifying to find out that the way I feel is pretty good. I feel like I could actually get behind the wheel and be okay, only to find out that I'm actually not and I could possibly affect other drivers and its a pretty horrifying feeling, it really is," Chellie said.

Her highest measured blood alcohol content was .095.

Officers said someone is killed by a drunk driver every 53 minutes on average in the United States. Many DUI related deaths, happen in December. They want to remind drivers to be extra cautious while on the road during the holidays.

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