Sales tax increase in Anderson to hit June ballot

ANDERSON, Calif. - A one-half cent sales tax increase is proposed in Anderson to support police as well as other agendas including after school programs and parks and recreation.

The increase will appear on the June 3 ballot as Measure A.

If approved it would authorize a one-half cent increase in the sales tax within the city of Anderson.

Casey Day, vice president of the Anderson Police Officers Association said like many cities in the state, Anderson has had it's economic ups and downs and the city has done all it can to mitigate the problems.

Measure A is intended to prevent significant cuts to city services.

If Measure A passes then another measure, Measure B comes into play.

That would allocate 50 percent of the money from Measure A to the Anderson Police Department.

Measure B is an advisory measure, meaning the people's vote is not binding. It's more of a formal poll.

Day said the funds are needed due to the Anderson Police Department has seen a dramatic increase in calls.

From 2011 to 2013 there's been a 30 percent increase in violent felony crimes and a 200 percent increase in vehicle thefts.

"What Measure A does is it gives the city the opportunity to keep the level of service that it has in place and try to build on it from there, " Day explained.

"We're trying not to delay response times from police, we're trying not to cut after-school programs and those are all programs that the half-cent tax increase will all go to fund, " he continued.

Day said all of the money generated from the sales tax increase will stay in Anderson.

According to Day for every $10 spent, the tax will be about five cents.

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