Search for Bridget Jacobs' remains continue

Search for Bridget Jacobs' remains...

WHISKEYTOWN LAKE, Calif. - The search for Bridget Jacobs' remains continued Wednesday morning in Whiskeytown Lake.  

Bridget Jacobs was reported missing in March and her ex-husband Philip Jacobs admitted he was there when Bridget died and said he dumped her body in Whiskeytown Lake. 

Last week divers found dismembered human remains believed to be Bridget's.

Sergeant Brian Jackson with the Shasta County Sheriff's Office explained Wednesday that their search efforts were off to a slow start. 

He mentioned divers were, once again, facing murky water conditions.  

Jackson said they are using their ROV (Remote Operating Vehicle) but it has proven to not be as useful as they had hoped. He explained they have to rely more on the divers, which can take longer. 

At last check divers had not found any more remains. Jackson said they are determined to recover all the remains. He added windy conditions and rain are being forecasted for the next few days. Jackson does not expect to be out on the lake until next week. 


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