Shasta Lake water levels create slow Labor Day weekend

SHASTA LAKE, Calif. - Kristin Brooks, operator at Packers Bay Marina, hopes the perceptions regarding the lake's low levels will change and believes they have resulted in fewer visitors this Labor Day holiday.

"It's been more difficult than usual because of the low water," Kristin Brooks said. "There weren't as many customers coming out and we don't have as much room to keep our boats on the dock."

Despite fewer boats in the water, Brooks said they were able to rent out every houseboat they had available.

One family from the Bay Area, renting a house boat, said the lake was beautiful and didn't seem any different.

"Next year hopefully there will be more water, but it won't stop us," Chandra Seethamraju said.

As for Brooks, she said she's heard people telling horror stories to her satisfied customers, and fears those stories are driving people from the lake.

"All of our customers are saying to us when they get here, 'Oh, my friends told me not to come because there was no water there.' And they said, 'We had a great vacation.' And we say, 'Go back and tell all of your friends that, because it's still fun out here.'"

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