Shasta Properties owner speaks out on lawsuit

REDDING, Calif. - Gina West, the now former owner of Shasta Properties Inc. in Redding, says she should be considered innocent, until proven guilty.

"I just don't think this is fair at all. That within three weeks, the DA and the publicity can ruin a business like this that has been in business for 35 years," says West.

We first reported on the unlawful business practices civil lawsuit, filed by the Shasta County District Attorney's office on Nov. 5.

Deputy District Attorney Anand "Lucky" Jesrani said West knowingly continued running her business illegally after being told she was out of compliance with the law.

"They [Shasta Properties] were told by a government agency that they were to refrain from practicing, despite knowing those facts and being … prohibited from engaging in those activities, they've continued to do so."

Jesrani said that since May of 2013, Shasta Properties and West had not been licensed as a real estate broker.

West says she was in the process of getting a broker, to be compliant with the law, when the suit was filed.

West says that because of the lawsuit, she has been forced to close her business.

The Shasta Properties Inc. letters on the building, where the company operated, were removed this afternoon.

West says she now has the proper license, and is taking her remaining clients to Platinum Properties in Redding.

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