Sheriff, attorney sound off on home to be burned

SHASTA COUNTY, Calif. - Shasta county Sheriff Tom Bosenko addressed the legality of how the county can take control of the home on Chaparral Drive and incinerate it.

The Sheriff said it's all based on a key factor: the public is at risk.

"Basically, an immediate and imminent danger exists, with the contents of the home. And this is essentially a safety nuisance, and we are abating the nuisance. Our county council has looked into the matter, looked into the laws regarding it, and we are well within the law to abate this nuisance that is creating and immediate and imminent danger to the people and the surrounding properties," said Bosenko.

The Sheriff said D. Ray East's Chaparral Drive home could be set on fire as early as Sunday, weather permitting.

East's attorney, Jeffery Stotter, responded to the Sheriff's statement on burning the home containing explosive materials.

"I certainly, and Mr. East certainly, can not dispute the Sheriff's interest in protecting the community," said Stotter.

Stotter went on to say Mr. East does not intend to take any legal action to prevent his home from being lit on fire, although Stotter said legally Mr. East could very well do so.

"He doesn't intend to do anything to slow down that process because his major goal is for his neighbors to get back to normal," explained Stotter.

Stotter added Mr. East's entire hand, above the wrist, had to be amputated because of the blast that occurred on Feb. 6. Stotter said East also lost his sight in one of his eyes.

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