Ski park waits to decide on season passes

Time is running out for Mount Shasta Ski Park.  There's barely any snow right now and not much in the forecast. 

If the ski park doesn't open this year that could leave skiers and snowboarders who bought season tickets with empty wallets and no way to use their pass.  Those passes aren't cheap, they can cost up to $500 per person.

But park officials aren't giving up just yet.  They're still holding out hope that the weather will change and the snow will come.  They say they aren't beholden to any hard open or close dates, so they could open the park as late as April. 

That seems unlikely given that their all time latest open date is Jan. 21, more than a month ago.  But officials say if the snow comes they could be operating in as little as four days. 

If the snow doesn't come and the park can't be opened by mid march, the ski park will make a decision as to what to do about the season passes.

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