Skin cancer still a risk under cloudy skies

REDDING, Calif. - Redding is notoriously sunny, but even on cloudy days, there are still factors that can lead to skin cancer. Cloud cover won't protect from sunburns. The danger of sunburn comes from the angle of the sun, even if it's hidden by clouds. The sun's rays still come through cloud cover. The sun's angle is highest during the summer and fall. Sunscreen, protective clothing and shade are the best ways to avoid prolonged sun exposure that could lead to skin cancer.

This part of the country is particularly vulnerable due to the large number of sunny days and wide range of outdoor activities.

"Redding has a combination of intense sun, intense heat and an extremely white population that is primarily older. These factors combine to create a situation in which we see countless skin cancers," said board certified dermatologist Craig Kraffert.

Accumulating sun exposure and severe sunburns are a leading factor in some forms of skin cancer. Exposure accumulates faster during the summer, but is still significant in the fall. Pick a sunscreen that has broad spectrum coverage that will protect from the rays that come through cloud cover.

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