Staying safe during holiday shopping

REDDING, Calif. - The Redding Police Department reminds shoppers to be diligent when it comes to their safety this holiday season.

They urge shoppers to stop, look and protect themselves, even before leaving for area stores.

Police say stop before leaving your home or car.

Then, look inside your vehicle, secure anything that is in plain sight that may attract a criminal's attention.

Protect yourself, and your belongings, by removing all valuables from a criminal's view.

Anything in your car you can see, they can too.

Be sure to sop during daylight hours whenever possible. If you can only go at night, be sure to bring a buddy.

Redding police say women should leave their purses at home. Big bags are easy pickings for thieves.

Leave large amounts of cash at home. If that's stolen, there's no getting that money back.

Try and only use ATM or credit cards instead, and keep them in a wallet stashed in you front pocket.

Park in a well-lit area, and be sure to have your car keys already out, ready to unlock your vehicle before leaving the store.

You can report all crimes or suspicious activities to the Redding Police Department.

Non-emergency line: 225-4564

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