Student at Shasta Lake School dies; Doctors certain it's meningitis

Student at Shasta Lake School dies, Mother Blames Health Center

SHASTA LAKE, Calif. - Superintendent James Harrell of the Gateway Unified School District confirmed that a student from Shasta Lake School died Thursday morning.

The student, 13-year-old Misty Kiser, was in seventh grade.

Harrell said they have not confirmed the cause of death, but he did say that the Shasta County Department of Public Health is involved in the investigation.

Misty's mother, Lisa, said in an interview on Thursday that doctors told her that they are 100 percent sure it was from meningococcal meningitis.

The school sent home a letter on Thursday saying they suspected that it was a bacterial infection of the blood or brain-covering, called meningococcal disease.

This is the same school where second-grade student, Boyd Rogers died of bacterial meningitis on May 8.

When asked if meningitis could be the cause of death for this student, Harrell said it was too early to say.

Out of respect for the family, the superintendent declined to provide any additional details.

When asked whether he thought students were safe, Harrell said he, the principal, assistant principal and teachers at the school all feel that students are safe there.

They continue to wait for Public Health to release the cause of death.

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