Suspect who eluded officers potentially still on the run

REDDING, Calif. - The search for a suspect who eluded Redding Police Saturday evening turned up little leads, but investigators believe 48-year-old Darryl Brice Cunningham is still on the loose.

"We're treating it as a resisting arrest case and we're just following up on any tips we might get to his whereabouts," explained Sgt. Jay Guterding with the Redding Police Department.

Officers said Cunningham bolted when they responded to a domestic violence call in the 500 Block of Market Street.

They said Cunningham jumped off the Market Street Bridge, landing about 60-feet below in the Sacramento River.

Officers scanned the river by air with a CHP helicopter and by water with a Sheriff's Department boat, but Cunningham was able to give them the slip.

Guterding said Saturday's circumstance is similar to past interactions police have had with Cunningham, "In reviewing his record I did find he does have a prior for resisting arrest and domestic violence."

Investigators are urging anyone with information about Cunningham, or if anything suspicious is spotted by the riverbank – to call Redding Police right away.

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