UPDATE: Man Suspected of Killing Wife and Two Daughters Had History of Domestic Violence

SHINGLETOWN, Calif. - Deputies are looking for a man suspected of killing his wife and two young daughters.  Their bodies were found Tuesday night in Shingletown.

The victims are identified as Sandy Miller, 34, Shelby Miller, 8, and Shasta Miller, 4.  They were all found with multiple gunshot wounds inside their home on Alpine Way in Shingletown.

Deputies say their suspect is the father and husband, Shane Franklin Miller, 45.   Miller is currently wanted on three counts of murder.

Shane Miller is 5'10", 200 lbs., with red hair and blue eyes.

"Miller is believed to be extremely dangerous and believed to be armed," Shasta County Sheriff's Lt. Dave Kent said. "He's at large in the Northern California region. If anybody is to come in contact with Mr. Miller, use caution and dial 9-11 so law enforcement can come and take care of it."

Miller is believed to be driving a Gold 2010 Dodge Mega-Cab pickup with a camper shell. This car has a California license plate number of 8Z75988.

Deputies were dispatched to the scene in the 28400 block of Alpine Way at 7:44 p.m. Tuesday after receiving a 9-11 call about a disturbance.  That call was interrupted. 

The Shasta County Sheriff's Office said they are unable to say who exactly made the 9-11. They did say that a domestic dispute had been reported at the Miller residence in April.

When deputies arrived on the scene, they found three bodies inside the home.   The residence is located about a quarter mile off Black Butte Rd.  The crime scene in Shingletown is 25 miles east of Redding.

Major crimes units remained at the scene through the night searching for evidence.

Deputies said they have yet to recover the gun that was used and are still trying to determine what kind of gun it was.

Neighbors we talked to on Alpine Way said Shane Miller kept to himself and was never friendly with them.

"I always waved at him but he would never wave back so it's obvious he never wanted part of the neighborhood. He put a fence up, gates... he just didn't want to be bothered," one neighbor, who did not want to be identified, said.

Another neighbor, Stanley Magagnosc, said the children deserved a chance to live.

"I'm sure the kids did not deserve it. No kids that age deserve that kind of treatment," Magagnosc said.

Miller grew up in Humboldt County and may still have ties there. He does have a criminal record which we have also reported on.

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