Update: Trinity County Undersheriff Leaves Scene of Crash

REDDING, Calif. - New details are emerging on the Trinity County Undersheriff who fled the scene of a rollover crash.    

Redding police officers said Ken Langston, the Undersheriff of Trinity County, admitted to crashing the car.

It happened around 8:30 Monday night on Quartz Hill Road near Snow Lane.

Somebody who saw it said the car flipped three times.

By law, you must stay at an accident or call 911 right away if you have to leave.

Investigators said Langston left the crash to walk home and treat his injuries.

He told officers he didn't call 911 because his cell phone was dead. He said he called a tow truck company and that they said they would call authorities. 

Sergeant Jay Guterding said Langston did call AAA Towing and that they did call 911.

He said officers were able to track down and interview Langston about an hour after the crash and that there were no signs that he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Sergeant Guterding said at this point, Langston has not been issued a citation or charged with anything. Once their collision report is done, it will be passed along to the Shasta County District Attorney's office, where that decision will be made.

He did point out that Langston was not trying to avoid officers but that he simply went home.

He also said that he can guarantee nothing was done any different in this case than it would have been with someone not associated with law enforcement.

We also reached out to the Trinity County Sheriff's Office for comment.

Here is their response:     

"The Sheriff's Office is looking into the matter, pending the outcome of the traffic collision investigation being conducted by Redding Police Department.  However, this is a personnel matter and the Sheriff's Office is not able to release any additional information regarding this issue at the present time."

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