Wakeboard park in South Redding

Redding, Calif. - Water skiing and wakeboarding is a blast. But it is out of the reach of many people who cannot afford a boat.

Now those who still like to water ski and wakeboard but don't have a boat can still get in on the action.

Mark Wilk owns Redding Wakeboard and Water Ski Park in South Redding.  It has a cable tow system that pulls wakeboarders and skiers along the water and makes learning very easy.

The water is also very calm since it is in a small pond and does not have any underwater obstacles to worry about.

Wilk has been in Redding for about a year now, and has steadily increased the amount of features in his wakeboard "terrain park". It now includes five features including a 3-foot-tall jump and two grind rails.

If you would like to go get a lesson on how to wakeboard check them out here at

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